The 12 principals of power begin within the circle of law

The circles of law are wheels and are positive energy filled symbols

The wheels are a source of information for the seeker of knowledge and SELF power.  Earth wisdom is everyones birthright so come find your dance with spirits.  Experience your existence and ask yourself…….

How will I choose to see my life

Do not judge your SELF but SELF recognise

  1. SELF decision
  2. SELF knowledge
  3. SELF wisdom
  4. SELF commander
  5. SELF action
  6. SELF choice
  7. SELF ignorance
  8. SELF thinking
  9. SELF honesty
  10. SELF courage
  11. SELF authority
  12. SELF respect

These are the keys to the balance of a healthy mind discovered by the ancient zero chiefs after thousands of years of study, and passed to the flower soldiers.

The army of SELF

To help your journey round this wheel of study we are developing 12 flower essences.  Flowers hold the pattern of consciousness and transfer their vibrational information patterns in water.  You also need the powerful sun and moon energy to power it up and to unify the forces.  Just like a battery, but once the water is powered the vibrational information is stored for all time and is now the essence.

When gem stones are also added to the water they amplify the message of consciousness as they have special harmonic resonance with particular points of the human anatomy.

The essences developed for our growing band of Flower Soldiers began to be channelled at the beginning of 2015 and have already taken me to some wonderful places.

The first essence was made in Egypt on a red sea beach, the next 2 came on wild windy moors of Yorkshire and the 4th in the Mexican jungle.

Mayan Temple

Mayan Temple

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