compass_1The number 4 is a big deal in my company!

I have 4 product ranges that are healing circles, each is a circle of life.  A never ending circle of love.  Each circle  is divided into 4 quadrants, and each quadrant has a Gatekeeper “Guardians” that you confide in for entry into the labyrinth of SELF discovery.

As we have 4 main compass points East, West, North & South, we also have the 4 powers of life.  The Sun in the east, Earth in the west, Plants in the south and Animals in the north.    These 4 powers give life to humans.  The elements Earth, Air, Fire & Water are another 4 powers of being human.

They give us Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion.

Would you like to join us on a journey of wisdom and knowledge of illumination and enchantment.  Do you wish to find enlightenment which in turn finds trust, innocence, introspect and intuition?

If so you’re in the right place so let’s start our journey!
Deep in the interior of the mind that once existed the land of true enchantment and learning.  Through our fears we closed our minds and built a wall of contention.  A giant fortress with locks and keys forged with conformity and the fence defences are lies and ignorance.

As we journey through each of the 4 quadrants our aim is to reach the centre.

At the central point of each quadrant sits all the crystal knowledge which radiates out and is filled with Universal Energy.  Universal Energy has no beginning or end it is timeless and (for the purpose of our ranges) is classed as a fifth dimension that holds all our crystal keys.  These keys unlock all the doors and each has a guardian to help you.  But first contemplate this:-

Belonging, beauty, healing, and renewal is never available when you are trapped in self illusion the only escape is a guide called courage.

Do you have the courage?

Are you ready for this journey?

are you ready to join us?

Are you prepared to teach your SELF

self love

self give

 and free the self?

If so as you prepare to travel within the labyrinth of your mind and confront the monster beliefs within.  Get ready to meet your true self.
Thank you for reading to this point

This is the opening to a new quiz that we are working on.  It will have guided messages, channeled products, art, music and so much more.

I am working on this project with Annie Conboy from

the down 2 earth heart centre

Many of our products have already featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine and workshops are set for the Earth’s Archangels 2016

Products are ready for some of the quadrants and are on our website.

The 1st quadrant 


Chakra quiz

 soaps, aura sprays, candles, plus posters & mugs

The 2nd quadrant

Earth’s Archangels

 soaps, aura sprays, candles, plus posters

The 3rd quadrant

Pearls of wisdom

soaps, aura sprays, candles

The 4th quadrant

Flower soldiers

flower essences

visit our site to find more about these