Earth’s Archangel Parashiel’s Soap, Candles & Aura Spray

Our multi coloured Earth’s Archangel Parashiel an idealistic warrior is a bit of a chameleon today as he likes to show up pink in candles, swirls his colours in the soap, then turns back to green for the artwork and healing energies.

I love to meet archangel Parashiel at the cross roads and hold his hand as he gently reminds that “sometimes we all just need to make a choice” then stick by it. After all we always feel better once a decision is reached whatever it may be.

Parashiel Soap

Parashiel Soap

At times of indecision reach for Earth’s Archangel Parashiel’s swirly handmade soap packed full of all his favourite colours.

IMG_0923IMG_0924I had lots of fun in the workshop making this soap as you just never quite know what pattern or shades will come out. Packed full of natural goodness and coloured with mica powder its like kisses for your skin.IMG_0935

His essence is an aphrodisiac to your senses, with the intensely sweet yet slightly spicy Ylang Ylang essential oil thats blended with an earthy, warm fragrance of orange blossom, dried figs, vanilla and myrrh.  Ylang Ylang has long been used to soothe the skin as it balances both dry & oily type and helps acne and insect bites.

Allow his gentle healing and love to easy your mind, release frustrations and float the irritations of the day away with his essence aura spray and aromatherapy candle.

_MG_9093His essence is captured in the candles and sprays just waiting for you to experience.  The sprays are made with essential oils and rose quartz & aventurine crystal filtered waters that hold a strong planetary earth vibration of 194.19Hz.

Try lighting a candle while bathing and spraying your pillow with his scent as he soothes your day away into sweet dreams and adventures.

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