Why should you give acne SPOT Zapper a go?

Because this Spot Zapper is specially formulated for acne & spot sufferers it’s a perfect skin care salve giving FAST results.  Made with natural ingredients including ostrich oil & essential oils it gets to work the moment you apply helping to stop any irritation.

There is so much goodness

for YOUR skin in this!

1: We begin with amazing Ostrich Oil renowned for centuries and used by Queens.

2: Add to this Essential Oil Blend No.5.  Formulated just for this spot salve.

3: Then a pinch of “Plant Power” with Aloe Vera.

4: Add a nugget of fabulous Shea butter.

5: Finished with nectar of the Gods in the form of Beeswax to hold it together.

Only £4.99 plus £1.00 p&p for 10ml size

How all this helps Acne & Spots?

Firstly the ostrich oil renowned for it’s ability to turn on skin cell communication which tells your skin “how to behave”.  Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba are said to have used ostrich oil because of the healing properties associated to it and the fact that it is packed full of Omega oils and vitamins.

The special blend of Essential Oils contains:-

  • Tea Tree for acne, cold sores and spots.
  • Sandalwood for acne & cracked chapped skin.
  • Grapefruit & Geranium for congested skin.

plus Peppermint which is an antiseptic.

Add to all this Aloe Vera know to soothe & Shea butter that is non greasy.

More importantly it supports treatment of acne and is packed full of phyto-nutrients required for healing.

With so much to offer it’s hard to resist.

Acne Salve

This 10ml size ideal as a tester or travel size so its always to hand.

Only £4.99 plus £1.00 p&p

Spot Zapper can also be use it to treat a multitude is skin problems including

Scar repair, cold sores, chapped lips, dry flaky areas, oily patches.

Treatment is simple.

Just massage a small amount into the area to be treated as often as needed.

Try it now

10ml size

Only £4.99 plus £1.00 p&p