September brings a busy month full of decision-making & love.

We are joined by Nushiel, Etieliel, Tiphonel, Lureshia & Arsheliel, each bringing their own special qualities through out this month as their planets align with our beautiful earth.

Let the Earth Archangel guide you and give the strength you need to make courageous plans.

Nushiel vibration Image

Nushiel vibration Image

Nushiel (Harmony & Focus) & Blue Topaz

Nushiel is turning up the chatter till the 27th September to help you & the people around you make decisions and stop dithering.

With Nushiel’s vibration being linked to Blue Topaz, meaning “to seek” take some time to meditate to aid in finding the answers you look for.

Light Nushiel’s beautifully scented candle and release her fragrance to help you keep a fresh mind.

Nushiel Votive Candle

Nushiel Votive Candle

Etieliel ( the Power of Love) & Bloodstone

Etieliel is also close by to help you get things in order. If you are looking for love try traditional routes.

Etieliel vibrates with Bloodstone, the “stone of courage” an intense healing stone and brings the message ” be here now”

Light Etieliel’s candle for passion & empowerment as your release his powerful essence.

Etieliel Votive Candle

Etieliel Votive Candle

Tiphoniel ( busom of love) & Amethyst

Tiphoniel Aura Spray

Tiphoniel Aura Spray

Tiphoniel steps in to bring you magical opportunities with the new moon on the 9th.

Hold some amethyst for protection and place under your pillow to help you sleep.

Light her fruity yet spicy scented candle to uplift your spirits and send anxiety packing.


From mid September Lureshia steps in to help you put things right and to embrace changes.

Lureshia brings joy to new beginnings & vibrates with emerald energy.


Lureshia Handmade Soap

Emeralds is a stone of inspiration, infinite patience and brings successful love.

Light Lureshia’s candle and let your tensions dissolve.

As we mark the turn of the year and move into autumn.

Light Earth Archangel Arsheliel & Lureshia candles on the 23rd September to invite balance into your life.

Arsheliel steps on this date and will help you get things done. A powerful force to help conquer your fear and guide you into the shorter days.

Vibrating with the supreme nurturer Jasper this stone imparts determination.

Carry a Mookaite pendant to assist in making the right choices.

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