When we first introduced our range of Chakra products customers wondered how to find the correct one to take home.   This lead to the introduction of the Chakra Healing Wheel Poster and my own personal development in the subject of vibrational healing energies.  Oh what an exciting journey this has been as we help more and more customers discover the ancient knowledge of balancing these energy wheels plus much more…..

Chakra Healing Wheel Poster to guide you through your energy system.

The A3 Chakra Healing Wheel poster provides the guidance for healing your mind, body, soul and emotions in a clear and practical manner.  You will find firstly the names of the 7 major chakra energies, their associated colours and how each one affects our everyday being.

Simply work your way around the wheel to find problems that you may be experiencing at this moment in time.  Difficulties may be linked to physical problem, physical parts or your emotional feelings.  You can look at your life goals or take lessons in life, the knowledge is all held in the wheel and connects you to your Chakra energy system.  Whether you are new to this concept or an experienced therapist the wheel hold a simple guide to the questions you may have about your life and wellbeing.

How you move on from this information is up to you.  Will you embrace the guidance and seek more knowledge and healing?  The choice is yours alone to make but the poster is an informative way to start.  You can also take our free Chakra Quiz Challenge which is made from a series of questions and answers from the healing wheel to get you started.

Posters are available from the following outlets

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What ever you decide we wish you love, harmony, peace and balance as you walk on this planet we call earth.

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