The Wysdom Odyssey Is A Journey

An exciting journey in your personal development using ancient knowledge shared by the Earth’s Archangels.  It is a private development membership group that you can join when you feel ready to start a journey of discovery about yourself.   The member’s area contains 2 distinct levels and 12 stages.  Each stage begins on the 21st of each month and runs for 12 months as we work around the Earth’s Archangel Healing Wheel.  But remember it’s more spiritual than physical this journey we will be sharing as we spend time each month with an archangels particular energies.

They have waited a long time to come to our attention again.

They bring knowledge & wisdom backed by powerful energies for change on Mother Earth.

It’s time for us to set up and play our part once more. We are being asked to channel through the Light, Love and Healing that will bring us through the gloom to a much brighter future.

Why?  You may ask

There is so much healing to do.  So we asked how best to offer people an explanation.  When you discover their energies you can’t quite take it all on board at once.  Their vibration is so strong, so close and so loving.   There is so much to learn and take in.  They have loved us and served us for such a long time without requiring any recognition.  It can be overpowering to sense all of this love all in one go.

So how best to bring a sense of their presence?

How best to help people get into that energy?

This is the way the Earth’s ArchAngels suggested.

The Wysdom Odyssey

I mentioned the 2 distinct levels

To begin with, there is the…

Seeker level  

This is the starting point for every member as you learn to working with this energy vibration. You learn at your own pace and work with the Archangels in the comfort of your own home.

Each month you will receive a pack containing all the products needed to complete the Earth Archangels workbook for that month?

The box includes:-

  • Booklet
  • 1 Earth Archangel votive candle that will burn up to 16hours
  • 4 x tea-lights
  • crystals
  • 2 x 1 hour broadcasts

On your first month you will also receive a Starter Pack that includes:-

Healing Wheel, crystal grid and information pack (will arrive with the first month’s set)

Seeker level Starts 21st every month and registration must be in by 12th.

The price is £72.00 per month, paid by direct debit on the 12th of each month.

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Custodian level 2

For those that have completed the Seekers level and wish to continue training year 2 covers the following

  • Parashiel training and attunement
  • Earth’s Archangel Picture for treatment room
  • Parashiel votive (16hr) for use during treatments
  • Parashiel Balm for use during treatments
  • 100 Parashiel Treatment appointment cards
  • Earth’s Archangel A3 Healing Wheel poster
  • Info on how the EAAs certification is awarded
  • 12 months exclusive postcode area for Parashiel practitioners

As a special offer you can choose to pay and receive a discounted price when making a full years payment at the beginning of your journey.

1 annual instalment only £777.00.  Saving £87.00

       or pay monthly Register Now

The Wysdom Odyssey is here to help and support you with the 12 Earth’s Archangels.  If you are not sure or don’t feel ready why not join our mailing list and we can keep in touch

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