Rophea VibrationRophea is the spark that ignites, the light held up by Etieliel in the cosmic void ready to show the way.

Rophea is a great form shaper for the inner SELF.

Sometimes people find it a little bit difficult to start the connection with Rophea, we become fearful of her power. That’s because she is here to help you at the start of your journey. She is that spark igniting your creative ideas and nurtures at the very beginning of your plans.

“So here stands Rophea, regal & strong, yet has a gentle understanding & knowledge of what holds us back as she leads us to the bridge, to that gap, to the edge ready, prepared & nurtured to start that journey.”

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Rophea’s fragrance can be enjoyed at home or work with her specially prepared soap, candle & spray to help you gently connect by spreading warmth, love and shelter for your dreams.

Spreading warmth, love and shelter for your dreams. Good for blemishes & dry skin

Spreading warmth, love and shelter for your dreams. Good for blemishes & dry skin

Down in the depths were the embers glow Earth Archangel Rophea will rise like a phoenix to guide you. Choose Rophea’s soap as you bathe in her scent’s the warm ethereal fragrance starts a warm glow with benzoin and agar wood. The hint of amber, musk vanilla freshened and the Frankincense essential oil is warm rich & sweet.

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