Earth's Archangel Candle Collection: Beautiful Birth Archangels for you to discover.  Which one were you born under?

Claim your free birth archangel list and see which archangel energies are closest to you... buy your birth archangel, gift a friend, or collect all 12, the choice is yours...


    Discover under which Earth's Archangel energy you were born...

    • First Send Your Birth Date

      Click on the link and get a free download which gives you your Birth Archangels name.

    • Order Your Archangel

      Once you know your Birth Archangel you may wish to order the candle gift set.  We will send you an email with a link so that you can find out more.

    • Collect all 12

      The Earths Archangels are here to share through beautiful essence in candles.  You may wish to collect a full set of 12.  Join our members club and receive one each month

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    Members Club Exclusive Offer

    • 12 to collect at club offer price
    • Archangel month's message
    • Natural soy wax candle
    • Agate druzzy bead ready to add to charm bracelet
    • Essential oils for healthy room scent
    • Free A4 Earth's Archangel Healing Wheel poster when you join
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    Please allow 2 weeks for your first order to be processed.  After this each archangel is sent between 12th-19th of the month ready for the 21st start day.

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