I have been working on the Earth’s Archangels product range for some time now and I have to say have enjoyed every second.

The Earth’s Archangels arrived one afternoon while Annie and myself were working on the Pearls of Wisdom range in the workshop.

_MG_8656Annie was prompted to blend some essential oils & fragrances together to create 12 scents. At the time we put these on one side to work on the Pearls of Wisdom range. At the end of last year Annie started to get info about the beings the scents represent. Together we discovered that there are 12 archangels who are emerging now to help the earth. These beings came to Earth during what is often called The Fall to help mankind evolve. They have been in the background for thousands of years but it’s now there time to help us once again.

Since moving into Nont Sarahs a very active site I have been urged to move forward and “Get On With It” at a very rapid pace.  The products are tuned to planetary vibrations and hold crystal information in the waters, and are a delightful explosion of colour’s and fragrances.





With music and mugs to come the range is developing at a fast rate and this year saw the start of workshops and a members club.