Tiphoniel’s Essence & Colour

As each of the Earth’s Archangels share their essence & colour we turn to look at Tiphoniel the “bosom of love” bright pink with her fresh, fruity yet spicy scent.

The Archangels share their scents & colours with us as it’s an easy way for us to focus and connect on the energies that are there for us to share.

Tiphoniel essence starts with a base of beautiful Bergamot Essential Oil with a sprinkling of lotus blossoms, rose, gardenia, and jasmine, giving a fresh and floral fragrance.  She then leads you to a warm, sensual base of musk, amber and precious woods.

Tiphoniel 100% Votive Aromatherapy Candle


Aura Spray

Aura Spray

Some times we all need a great big hug and Bergamot Essential Oil is uniquely valuable in the treatment of anxiety and depression.  Use the uplifting aura spray and light the pink candle.  Loving healing for your mind body & soul. 

Tiphoniel Soap

Soap with Bergamot Essential Oil

Handmade Soap

Let us not forget about your physical body as you bathe way your cares and soothe your skin.  The Bergamot Essential Oil in Tiphoniel’s soap aids with eczema, psoriasis, wounds and bites and is also good for the urinary tract and can be valuable in vaginal itching.   Take Tiphoniel’s soap on holiday as it helps reduce mosquito bites and reduces itching.

This Earth’s Archangel likes to show up as pink in the product range. It’s interesting to note that the colour pink represents love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness.

Heal through love and learn to love your self.

Tiphonel Products List

Handmade Soap, Tea-lights, Votives, 10ml Essence, China Mugs, plus gift boxes.

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