I always wonder where to start when I talk to you about the Earth’s Archangels for the very first time so it seems fitting to begin with the Healing Wheel Poster.

Just like the Chakra Healing Wheel it has been developed to aid you in the choice of products needed.

Use the wheel to find which gift each of the Earth’s Archangel brings when you feel the need of his or her help.

At the centre of the wheel you will find your physical needs, they can be soothed with the specially prepared handmade soaps.  As you continue outward you move into the emotional realms for your mind & soul with matching candles & sprays. All these products have fragrances uniquely channelled by the Earth Archangels. They are blended with each of the essential oils shown in the wheel, the vibrations are set with tuning forks & music and the waters are filtered with crystals so they can gently guide your way.

You may be drawn by colour, fragrance or words.  There is no right or wrong way just follow your instincts.


By using ancient rites of cleansing, lighting candles, scents, sounds & meditation you can connect to the 12 Earth’s Archangels.



Each Earth’s Archangel has a

  • Cosmic Vibration / Planetary Frequency
  • Healing Crystals
  • Coded colour in the rainbow spectrum
  • Special message in the form of a mantra
  • A sacred sound & number

Feel their presence and unconditional love. It is so powerful, strong and beautiful. Let them lead you on your journey, they have all the answers and will only take you to where you are meant to be.

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