How to use the Earth’s ArchAngel poster

The A3 poster is a reference aid to further our understanding of each of the Earth’s Archangels can enhance our life and guide us into harmony with natural forces and enhancing our development.  The centre shows our physical issues and as we move outwards we move into the emotions and spiritual aid.  We make soaps for the physical, candles for the emotions and sprays for the spiritual connections.

product rangeSince early times cleansing, candles and scents have been used to fire up our passions, awaken our creativity and inspiration and used in preparation for rites of creation, so they fir perfectly with the Earth’s Archangels wish to share their essence’s with you.

After many months of development and guidance from each of the Earth’s Archangels we are now able to bring these 12 powerful archangels to you in the form of artisan soaps, candles, sprays, mantras and sound.
_MG_8656Each of the Earth’s Archangels has a channelled essence and is full of love, wisdom, joy, happiness and much more as you learn to access and develop your mind, body and soul with these Earth’s Archangels.

Each product allows you to connect to your higher consciousness, access your creative essence and project your personal energy.

This is because all our products are channelled to resonate with the Earth’s Archangels, their aligning planets and universal energies thereby connecting you to these forces.  We transfer all this energy and intention in to our products by using crystal drenched waters, essential oils, vibration forks, meditation sounds, and secret ancient ingredients and blends that make up our unique recipes.

Let us ignite your energy system and fire up your passions as we activate your visionary light and welcome the return of the earths guardians the12 Earth’s Archangels.
Let us awaken to their return and rejoice in their special qualities and amazing love as we release their scents and sounds after century’s in the dark.
Let us help you create the visions and inspiration of the Earth’s Archangels and bring light, warmth and  love in all that you do.
Let us start work with the Earth’s Archangels and release their essence.