img_4806 img_4816Archangel of Harmony – September 21st

Come into balance so you can grow and blossom

Gatekeeper of the South and Archangel of Harmony, this royal lady brings the gift of knowledge into your life. She appreciates that the choice to be spiritually noble in this world depends on your readiness to gather the knowledge you contain within. Open to her gentle influence & discover yourself.

As you light the candle allow the fragrance to flow

Draw your thoughts to your throat
Allow the flow of communication from both self and others
Allow yourself to become receptive
Allow the flow of thoughts and messages
Allow yourself to understand them
Become open to this knowledge

Nushiel will teach you to hold strong & believe

Candle Details

500ml soy wax with Nushiel’s Essence.  This is an aromatherapy candle made with essential oils

Comes with a bead necklace and archangel card

Height 28cm

Price £29.95

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Each Archangel candle is hand poured in our holistic workshop. Once in the mould each archangel is then tuned to their individual cosmic planet vibration using tuning folks and comes with an information card. Your large size archangel brings you a gift of an agate with druzy bead (may vary from image) so you can collect all 12 and then make a piece of jewellery.  Large Archangels Each archangel candle has 500ml of soy wax, essential oils and has hand applied guild. The wings can be used in an oil burner once the candle has been used. PLEASE note care must be taken to place the candle in a safe area and on a stand (not included) as it will drip to produce beautiful patterns of wax. Keep any left overs for your oil burners so that no essence is wasted.  Always remove the necklace bead before lighting.
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More about Nushiel and her other Products

Earth’s Archangel Nushiel soap comes with a story of rainbows and laughter on a foggy Yorkshire day.  I had planed to make other products on this day but archangel Nushiel had a different idea.  She sits at number 24 on the healing wheel and this is the date her first batch of soap appeared.  And so the story goes……..

Nushiel arrived on a thick foggy day like a bolt of psychedelic light to show us
that every cloud has a silver lining, we just have to look a bit harder sometimes.
So on days when we feel a bit blue, down or lost reach for Nushiel to add the hap hap happy to your thoughts and you will soon feel like Snow White playing cheerfully in the forest of life.   This soap has the mystical magic of Mayan universal sky knowledge and the grounding of our Mother Earth garden herb parsley essential oil to help keep your skin smooth and soft.

_MG_8737I am also sharing her mantra for you as I post this on a wet and windy day to help you on your way. xxxx

Earth's Archangel Nushiel Essence

Earth’s Archangel Nushiel Essence

Nushiel  Nushiel Nushiel
Please help me through the foggy time and light me on the way

I feel your guiding hand touch me
I feel your loving touch
I feel my joyous thoughts well up
I know we’re on our way

I hear your laughter arriving now
I hear your gentle words
I hear your whispers on the wind and
Watch the dark clouds drift away

I see you clearly as a bolt of light
I see you clear my way
I see you standing next to me
Smiling to encourage my day

I know you nurture me through life
I know I’m not alone
I know your hand is there to hold
A friend to stand by me

I love the feeling that you bring
To cheer me on my way
The dark clouds hold no fear for me now
You have blown them all away

Your wings fold round my body now
We sit and talk awhile
The breeze has lifted my soul for now
On this earthy day we share