Whether you choose to use our soaps because they look and smell good or because you wish to explore your intuitive side we are sure you will enjoy the experience. Our Spiritual Soaps, including our Pearls of Wisdom set, will help you to set your intention – e.g. Faith, No Matter What or Compassion – whatever you need for your day or evening. Setting your intention is the key to manifesting those qualities, thoughts, feelings and wishes into the reality of this life.

We chose to make these soap round for a reason: life progresses like a circle. We have an experience, we reflect on that experience, we decide what we will choose to do differently and we move on to the next experience. All the time we are growing & evolving as a result.  Each soap is prepared in our workshop working with vibrational music and crystal waters so that we can set the correct intention for you.

Each soap comes with a wisdom card and we have 12 for you to collect.  This special box contains Faith, No Matter What & Compassion soaps and message cards for each one.


Doubt & mistrust will never overcome belief. Have faith in oneness.

FaithTo believe in something is very precious as doubt can creep in very quickly. To believe in ones-self is even more special as the energy vibrations of this world of matter can be heavy & hard work. Too often people look to blame or criticise. We forget to praise our positive intentions & actions. All too often we fall into negative ways of thinking & being. Yet we are all unique, special Spirit beings.

The sweetness of Sweet pea blended with the tang of apple and the sharpness of grapefruit makes our Faith soap a sweet and sour celebration of having a belief in self. Clearing and healing any mistrust of self this powerful combination opens the door to faith in others. If we have faith in others we can sense the wonderful connective energy that circulates through all of us to bring us closer to the Divine.

No Matter What

You embody the Divine in every particle of your being. Stand firm.

No Matter WIt takes much effort to be who you truly are. To be the What You See Is What You Get kind of person. It almost feels easier to wear a mask or play a role – to be what others expect you to be. Yet being what you are not will not make you a happy life. Each of us is a Spirit in a physical body. Each of us is unique, special, a one-off. When you are finding it difficult to be your true self you can get in touch with your Divine nature with our No Matter What soap,

We were inspired to use royal frankincense for it’s richness of perfume as a reminder of our Spiritual riches. To compliment this we teamed it with Mysore sandalwood for a relaxed, meditative aroma full of positive emotional energy. Allow yourself the luxury of being yourself. Be proud of who and what you are.


Love is precious. Give as much away as you can afford.

CompassionKwan Yin, the female Buddha, chose not to ascend to a higher life & to remain instead between the Earth & Heaven to take on the tears of the people she loved. Inspired by the sacrifice of this compassionate Goddess we have combined Egyptian rose (love) with water mint (the sting of tears) and pettigrain (bitter oranges) to create Compassion soap. This tender combination recognises the inner search for approval, for acceptance and for caring.

If you are feeling that the world is a harsh place to be at the moment let this gentle energy surround you to fill your senses. Raise your energy vibration with the freedom that sharing a sorrow or trouble can bring. She is listening always.

The words for the wisdom cards are channeled by Annie Conboy a very dear friend who inspires me and shares so much of her knowledge so generously.  Without her words we would not have our 12 beautiful “Pearls of Wisdom” to share today.  We think you will love this gift box as much as we do.