Collecting flowers for the The Goddess Isis Flower Essence

Let me take you on a journey with the collection and making of the goddess Isis Flower Essence.  As we drift along the Nile I wonder if and which flowers will be presented to me as I visit the “Temple of Isis”.  The moon will be full in 2 days and the nile so quiet.  Its the end of their tourist season and the temperature hits 50C by midday.   The sun is powerful at this time of the year (19th May 2016) so the flower essence water is going to be highly charged with this peaceful energy.  Interestingly Earth Archangel Tiphoniel has traveled down the nile with me as her candles are lit each evening as we dine on the boat.  So with goddess Isis and her healing energy and an Archangel of motherly love this can’t go wrong, a perfect flower will be found and I feel excited with anticipation of what’s to come.  My partner asks “How will you find a flower?”  the answer is simple.

 Just trust the perfect flower will be sat waiting for us!

On reaching Aswan its a quick taxi ride then a short hop on a boat past the old dam as the temple sits between the two dams.

Temple dedicated to Goddess IsisThe temple is stunning and was thankfully lifted to higher ground in a bid to save it.   The Philae complex was dismantled and relocated to Agilkia island around 1960 during the construction of the Aswan High Dam and the eventual flooding of many sites posed by its construction.  Agilkia Island is in the reservoir of the old aswan dam; it is the present site of the relocated complex of Philae.  You can still see the water damage on many hieroglyphs.  Here the goddess Isis is depicted with her son, as mother of Horus, she was regarded as the mother and protector of the Pharaohs.


Isis had the ability to counteract evil by casting spells and the Tjet amulet was also known as the magical “Knot of Isis”.  She was one of four goddesses of protection for the dead and her role was to watched over the canopic jar containing the liver.  Her priests and priestesses were considered to be healers and played a central role in Egyptian magic spells and ritual, especially those of protection and healing.

As we wander round the temple I spot my flower!  We had nearly finished our visit but just near the exit, with views overlooking the original site a stunning Bougainvillea shrub makes an appearance and it’s covered in bright pink blooms.  Perfect timing to pick a stem and get back to our boat before the flowers wilt in the scorching heat of the day.

IMG_0541Making The Goddess Isis Flower Essence

With perfect pink blooms it’s quoted that the Bougainvillea makes you love to flirt with everyday life!

The flowers are placed in an alabaster bowl and left on the ships deck in the setting sun as we leave Aswan behind us and float back to Luxor.  As the moon rises to add her vibration it’s going to be full tomorrow and glistens across the nile.  A Tiphoniel candle is lit and I give thanks to Isis for providing me with this beautiful flower for her essence, the chance to be at her temple and for the sun and moon energies over the peaceful river nile.  The bowl with flowers is left overnight to charge and transfer all the energy vibration into the water.  Early next morning before the other 3 guests wake I am up ready to bottle this sacred essence as the sun starts to light up the morning sky.  The flowers a carefully removed from the alabaster bowl and I say thanks before returning them to the nile.  It’s interesting that the only bowl available to me was made from alabaster as these were used to store essential oils by the ancients, and many were found in the tombs.  Alabaster is believed to created a harmonic resonance through sound vibrations to increase heightened awareness and to further open the senses to “communicate”.  This is truly a magical essence and can only be made once so the mother stock is my most treasured possession for the rest of this trip and makes it a very limited quantity.  Back in Luxor and I now have a very special flower essence to add to the Flower Warrior range that I have been working on for the last 3 years.  Once I have returned to the UK it will be stored and 10ml dosage bottles prepared for future customers to appreciate at only £6.95.

Qualities of The Goddess Isis Flower Essence

The Goddess Isis Flower Essence represent the goddesses spell as written in ancient texts.

“May the magical words of Isis keep you strong and protect from whosoever would harm”.

Be proud of your inner world — this is Bougainvillea’s message.

This essence will encourage inspiration and enthusiasm while preventing doubt, anxiety and fear.  It will protect you from disapproval of others on good ideas and projects.  Find gentleness in strength and where others only see an ordinary street or a meadow let your inner child discover the magical worlds.   Let this essence inspire you to be soft and gentle while being firm and discourage any over-reaction in a crisis.

♥ protection ♥ pride ♥ strength ♥ love ♥ inspire ♥ enthusiasm ♥

Goddess Isis Flower Essence

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