Vibrational therapy really can soothe the mind, body & soul and you can practice it at home with no courses, training or techniques.

It’s simple

  • Play a favourite record
  • Sing in the shower
  • Dance round the room

See how more cheery you feel already, see how music melts away stress and lifts your spirit.  Lets take this a step further, and dig a bit deeper.

We are all vibrational beings

Vibrational Healing

Parashiel healing with planet Earth vibrations

If you can reduce stress and improve energy flow towards greater wellness why wouldn’t you be curious to experience an easy to learn method?

Sound balancing uses frequencies produced by tuning forks to correct distortions and imbalance within the biomagnetic energy field that surround the physical body. Many call this the aura and it extends for approximately 5 feet round the body and 3 feet above the head and feet.magnetic field

This is the blueprint that your physical body organises itself around.  It is a record holder for memories, emotions, states of mind, traumatic experiences and relationships.  Sounds can reset the rhythms of the body.

You can look at disease as a form of disharmony, and there’s no organ system in the body thats not affected by sound and music vibration.

Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.

Sounds of Healing


There are many books you can read on this subject and I have given you some links below.

With knowledge comes responsibility, the more I study this subject the more I can share through the manufacturing principles that are set into the workshop.

Solfeggio notes are always played and in the case of the Earth’s Archangel process and we use planetary tuning forks.

12 Archangels = 11 planet forks + 1 DNA fork

The Earth’s Archangel Healing Wheel gives you all the information on which planets vibrational healing is linked with each archangel. Earth Archangel Healing Wheel A3 Poster

At liquid stage the forks frequency is added to the product, be it soap, candle or spray to add the intention for the specific archangel.  When you use products made with love and the correct intention the healing vibrational frequency is shared.

Liken it to a great meal.  Next time you order from a restaurant take a moment to look at the presentation of the food and how it is presented to you.

Is it thrown down with disregard or has the chef placed the food on the plate with love and flair?

You know which one you will enjoy most  just by thinking about it.

That’s how it is with all our products, handmade with love and passion.

made with love

All our products are set to vibrational healing frequencies and offer alternative solutions to enhance therapeutic therapies.  The ingredients are hand picked and only natural ingredients are used.  visit

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy
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Healing Sounds
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