Monday morning card selection is my favourite way to start the week.  Following on from last Mondays morning meditation I am really look forward to getting my wisdom cards out, reflecting on last week than making a fresh start and preparing for my new week.

To start with I am loving the new colour theme after last weeks somber blacks and greys, I have moved into purples and deep blues.

I feel it’s going to be an emotional week with Earth’s Archangel Dareshiel standing by to help me through to calmer waters as I light his candle.  Dareshiel will protect from negativity and allow me a deep understanding so I can act wisely.

Lepidolite to calm my mind, reduce anxiety and acceptance of life events and the goddess Gaia to help keep me grounded in the reality of nature.

3 faith 105x69mm + 3mm bleedFaithSo with my lovely Pearls of Wisdom cards to remind me to keep

“Faith” in myself I can focus on dealing with any changes that the universe has ready for me.

Many have contacted me about how to do this and I have to confess there are no rules.  Just go with your instinct, find some cards that resonate with you and allow you to set your intention for the week.  Keep it simple.  Try working with just 1 card set to start with till you feel more confident with the idea.  This is why we made the “Pearls of Wisdom”.  The card set is 12 words that we are all familiar with and can all attach to.  The cards are simple yet inspiring channeled words with encaustic wax images on the reverse.

Pearls of Wisdom Artwork

Pearls of Wisdom Artwork

When you place the cards in order 3 across by 4 down they reveal 1 large piece of artwork.  You will see many images as you move from 1 to another with angels ,animals, faces and castles.  I like to shuffle the cards then choose just 1 word to work on for a full week.

For me 1 week gives me time to take note of what is happening around me but you could choose every day or once a month.  We have no rules just go with the flow of life’s energies and what feels right for you.

Pearls of Wisdom Cards