Clarry my English Bull Terrier is a cheeky chappie.  Full of mischief he brings loads of laughter and tears to the house.  But if he could talk he would say

“Today has been the best day ever!”

He would say this everyday as he bounces about and finds life full of new adventures.  Todays adventures have been a bone so big he couldn’t lift it up, and even thought it was wet & windy he met up with his best friends.  His best friends belong to the local dog minder Mark who we nicknamed the “British Dog Whisperer” they are 6 Rottweilers and a collie.  We are quite a team as we walk around the dam in the mud and the rain but they had so much fun and were very well behaved.

Then its back home to a warm bath for Clarry as he’s coated in mud.  He loves his special bubbles made from natural oils and essential oils and sits while we find some Ostrich Oil to soothe his now spotty nose.   Then wrapped in his towel is time for a nap as he dreams about walks with his friends and the bones they will share.

Ostrich Oil is good even on dogs and heals any cuts, and spots.  Its also great on paws and stops them splitting especially after being on beaches or icy pathways that have been gritted.  We have a new range coming out the first is a Paw Butter so you can pamper your pouch as much as I pamper mine xxxxx