Firstly before I chat to you about aura sprays you may be wondering what on earth is an aura and what am I talking about.

I always say to people imagine you are an onion!

Your physical body is the core, then you have layers of energetic layers that surround you, just like an onion.  These layers are your auric field and relate to different aspects of the SELF.

Your aura can get clogged and dirty  when you encounter negative people and thoughts.  Working with colour, scents, images, chakra and reiki can help to clear and balance these energies and lead to a sense of vitality and wellbeing.

Today I would like to talk to you about our Earth’s Archangel sprays.  Developed and channelled to 12 very powerful guardians.

Each of the Earth’s Archangels has a very particular essence that they wish to share with you.  Because their scents include essential oils, crystal vibrations and are infused with the correct Earth’s Archangel intentions the sprays can invoke deep memories and clearing properties when you surround your SELF and fill your auric space.

Take Earth’s Archangel Samesh

Earth's Archangel Samesh Aura Spray

Earth’s Archangel Samesh Aura Spray

For me personally he takes me back to childhood memories

I am instantly back in my granddads greenhouse helping him with his young plant cuttings and potting.  It’s a memory so filled with sunshine and laughter, of exchanging dreams and hopes, his gentle guidance and kind ear.

Samesh is the Archangel of nurturing, morals and ethics and vibrates with the planet Jupiter.

Vibration Image Samesh

Vibration Image Samesh

Samesh makes you mindful on how you manage your own personal energy and take wisdom from your own experiences.

Surround yourself in Samesh’s aura spray, spray on your pillow, fill your car with his essence its always your choice, but remember the garden of delights that you are living in and allow any nervous tension to slip away.


Earth’s Archangels