Sometime a person comes along, you never get to meet them but they change your life forever.

When I first found out about Masatu Emoto and his work it changed how I approach all my manufacturing processes.  Just look at how words can form water crystals

All our products go through a process to set the vibrational intention.  I play Solfeggio music in our workspace to all the water used in making the soaps and sprays.   I add crystal vibrations to the liquid contents and use tuning folks around our candles while in liquid form.

528Hz frequency, the “Miracle” note or DNA tuning fork of the Solfeggio musical scale, it is only one of nine frequencies and is linked to our channelled Earth’s Archangel Sareshel.

The other part of my work is to work with flowers and the sun and moon energies.  The beauty of the sun crystal is captured in the image below.

watersuncrystalIt formed to reflect the sound of the sun

In 2009, researcher David Sereda sent Dr. Horowitz NASA recordings of the sun along with this crystallograph produced by researchers in Russia.




Its a truly fascinating subject and love to use these frequencies in my daily work.