I just got to thinking about:-

The beauty of our wild winter days up on the moors as I stand like a lone shadow bathed in the morning sunrise contemplating my day.

I ask myself when did we get so stressed about time?

Who decided we must work 9-5 and have a set amount of holiday time?

As I continue to wander across the meadow with my dog Clarry I marvel at his energy and carefree spirit.  He doesn’t need a watch he just goes with the flow. Wakes when its light , sleeps when its dark.  More rest in the winter as the days grow cold and shorter on sun light.

6 kindness 105x69mm + 3mm bleed9 love 105x69mm + 3mm bleedAll he needs is

Kindness and Love from

a human family to keep watered, fed and warm.


So why don’t we give ourselves this love and kindness?

I here you shout commitments, debits, bills, job and probably a few other word back to your computer screen.

I have spent most of this year trying to free myself of this stressful way of thinking and set more automated systems into my daily life.

Now yes I am my own boss and have been for many years so can set my own work times, but with that said I have worked many 7 day weeks and into the early hours after silly am starts.

Take a moment to think of this

As we grown in this new age of the computer and are its pioneers, we can find ways to work much smarter.

Bosses now look at flexible hours

Companies allow staff to work from home

We have moved away from caveman, farmer, industrial to intellectual.  It will take time to adjust to a new way of working but just think of the freedom as you set a new pattern of work in your day.  Release your mind from work stress and allow the flow of nature in to your day.

Remember fears are an illusion of the mind that we create for ourselves so

Let Go

3 faith 105x69mm + 3mm bleedJust have Faith in your SELF and the universal energies.  Then you are never a lone shadow.

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