Love is all we need

So many songs have been written about this emotion and as we move closer to Valentines Day it seems to be the perfect time to take a closer look at this captivating spray from our pearls of wisdom range.

I can’t say that it was a song that inspired this product but more the need to learn…..

How to  myself

After all this emotion comes in my guises but if we don’t love our SELF then how can we truly give this part of our SELF to another.  So that said lets take a look at what goes into making our spray

First we get the workroom ready and lift the vibrational energy by playing sound healing music.  I have added a few links at the bottom for those who may wish to purchase some sound healing music for home.  The water is then filtered over Rose Quartz Crystal and we are ready to blend.  Only the finest ingredients are used and this spray is no exception as we start with Mandarin Essential Oil to ease any nervous tension and add a perfect blend of vanilla, amber, sandalwood and amyris then a pinch of light jasmine and soft musk to captivate your heart and soul.  

I read a lovely blog from Annie Conboy of the Down2Heart Centre about how she uses this spray and how it uplifts the her mood.   This is the essence of this spray. Its all about finding your passion, being at peace with yourself and finding your true path.  The rest follows naturally as you are a captivating soul and perfect in every way.

Use the Love mood spray on your pillow, in the car, around your work space and at home as you can never have too much of this lovely emotion.


To buy this product visit or find us on Amazon by clicking the image below.

PS the 100ml spray has no added gas or chemicals so its all product and lasts for ages