I always like to take 20-30 mins on a Monday morning to reflect on last week to find what may be troubling my thoughts then I choose my cards for the weeks guidance.

It always makes me smile at how accurate they are and give me a place to focus my intentions for the week ahead.  I have a few packs of cards sat on the window sill behind my desk and like to use the following:-

Pearls of Wisdom for a word of the week, Goddesses ancient knowledge, Crystal vibrations & Earth’s Archangel Candles.

This morning I have lit one of the Earth’s Archangel candles called Comeliel to help me gain a deeper consciousness and deeper wisdom.

As these candles contain Rosemary Essential Oil they are great for nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue, stress and hypertension.

Pearl of wisdom card

Pearl of wisdom card

I then pick a “Pearl of Wisdom” which just happens to be the word Compassion.  I have been telling people to be compassionate to themselves all last week as we go into the holiday season and all the xmas stresses.

So note to SELF:- I should treat myself to the same curtsey and be compassionate to myself.  (Remember Flower Soldiers must look after SELF)

Next comes my Goddess message.  I love these cards and was introduced to them by Annie Conboy at one of her lovely workshops.  This lead to us becoming great friends and working together on many projects including Pearls of Wisdom and Earth’s Archangels.

My goddess card for the week is Changing Woman a very nurturing goddess who teaches wisdom of nature and the cycles of life.

I love crystals and love working with the healing energies that they give us.  My crystal for the week is Black Tourmaline which I happen to have, so no need to pop to my crystal supplier.

Very effective for neutralising anxiety, fear and unproductive thoughts.

Which given the time of year I am thinking what great help and focus for this week.

I thank Earth’s Archangel Comeliel for bring this to my attention & the “Pearl of Wisdom” Compassion card guided by goddess “Changing Woman” card.

I have the Black Tourmaline on my desk along with all my cards and will carry this message in my thoughts for the week.

Thank you universe for your special help, encouragement and for sharing this message.

Setting Intentions

Setting Intentions