A month of important shifts

Mars: Arsheliel

Jupiter: Samesh

Uranus: Rophea

Arsheliel & Planet Mars vibration

Arsheliel & Planet Mars vibration

Arsheliel stands by you for most of October to keep you strong and true.

You may feel the need to make big changes, or stir things up, so you can lean on him for support for most of the month.

If you feel the butterfly’s stirring in your stomach then reach for his Aura spray.

Do not fear you can also call on Samesh and Rophea as they stand either side of you to give their love, support and guidance.

Samesh will nurture you through the changes and help you see the correct morels or ethics needed to make wise choices.

Rophea our beautiful lady of fire and ice offers you shelter and warmth.

Use her candle and spray her scent into your aura to aid deep meditation.  This is where your dreams can formulate.

Question yourself as the month draws to an end

Did you reach any turning points?

Did you choose the same safe path?

Or have you reinvented yourself to the world?