There is much speculation over orbs as many maintain they are caused by flash or dust on the lens.  More research is needed but these photos taken at Kom Ombo reveal orbs on many shots.  On occasions I had taken 2 shot of the same view.  One had orb’s the other didn’t!  Only you can decide if you believe them to be spirt  presences, but the fact I was at a highly scared space at night and rarely catch orbs leaves me open to the fact we were joined on our visit by other energy beings.

I have read a very interesting book that discusses “what angels look like” and photons is the popular census.  This would lead to the possibility of other dimensional beings being present at all times.  Just because we can’t see them with our limited spectrum doesn’t mean they are not present.


Kom Ombo is a temple complex that sits on the river nile dedicated to 2 gods Sobek the crocodile god and the son of Isis & Osiris, Horus a falcon-headed god.

Large orb over the pillar


Walkway to the temple entrance

On closer inspection you can see that we were surrounded by orbs as we walked up from the nile.   I even managed to catch an orb in the daylight a few days later when visiting Aswan.  Every orb is in a different place which rules out dust on the lens, and no flash on this last picture.

IMG_0498I would love your thoughts on this