Parashiel – The Idealistic Warrior

First of all Parashiel is only 1 of the 12 powerful Earth Archangels.  Parashiel is an idealistic angelic warrior that has emerged from the annals of time to bring Hope, Healing, Love and Peace.

Parashiel’s essence is blended from a base ingredient of Ylang Ylang essential oil.  The rest is a secret mix known only to the guardians of this high vibration energy.  You will find Parashiel located on the Earth’s Archangel Healing Wheel circle at number 20 and resonates at 194.19Hz the sound wave of our beautiful planet Earth.  This angelic work will take us deeper into the sacred geometry at a later date but for now lets look at Parashiel’s essence and vibration and how this archangel may guide your life journey.

Parashiels Earth Essence

Parashiels essence is intensely sweet and teaches us to open our heart and love ourself.

To aid us on this physical plane the archangels have sent channeled scents.  Parashiels essences aids in slowing down over-rapid breathing or fast heart beat that may appear when in shock, frightened or anxious.  If you are feeling extreme anger Parashiel essence can soothe and releases frustration, reduce blood pressure and slows palpitations.

Parashiels Earth Vibration Meaning

Our Mother Earth has a very powerful to tone and this Archangel brings you in harmony with nature and yourself.  The Earths vibration corresponds to your base chakra and stimulation of this point gives power to the kundalini.  Your body becomes energised to help you feel more awake, alive, stronger and more energetic.  Every cell in your body has a unique sonic signature and ‘sings’ to its neighbours so works on Earth acupuncture points.  Parashiel also works on the heart chakra using the cosmic sound OM, to enhance deeper security, an ability to be grounded and centred with Mother Earth.  Our soul has this same frequency reaching out to Universal Energies.  Earth’s Archangel Parashiel guide’s your journeying, in an energy-work session. The effect is to relax, soothe, balance and sedate so you can be one with all life thereby opening yourself to unlimited growth.
Om vibrates at a frequency equal to our Earth Year 365 days and is in the 32nd octave.

Parashiel’s Benefits

  • In meditation:- peace, calmness, tranquillity and serenity.
  • In daily life:-awake, alive, stronger and more energetic.
  • Opens up our base and heart chakras.
  • Helps you in meditation and connects us to Cosmos.
  • Pain relieving effect on our body.
  • Soothes and releases frustration.
  • Feel love not anger.

Parashiel Heart

Working in  Earth’s Archangel Parashiel Essence and Vibration

Earth’s Archangel Parashiel guides you when you need to step forward and make sound choices.

Parashiel has sent a healing wave out over the airwaves via Facebook video for you to try.

You will find it on The Earth’s Archangels Facebook page in the videos along with a Dareshiel Energy Wave and Tiphoniel Energy Wave.

Try Earth’s Archangel Parashiel Balm Energy Wave healing which is now available (and being taught) by Earth’s Archangel registered Practitioners.

In addition to Parashiel you can discover all 12 archangels by joining us on The Earth’s Archangels Facebook page or find details about the full Earth’s Archangel training program the “Wysdom Odyssey”  here

Further more while you can pick up the wave energy on Facebook you may wish to discover the essence.  This is captured in an exclusive range of candles, sprays and soaps that are all tuned with cosmic forks to the correct vibrations.  Remember for the Earth’s Archangels to aid us on this physical plane they sent channeled scents.  This happened while working with Annie Conboy in the workshops where I make candles, sprays and soaps.

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In conclusion you may find this article especially relevant when looking at why sound and vibrations are so important in our work and the products that we make.Rediscovering the art and science of Sound Healing