With Black Friday looming and an estimated spend of £721m online and £1.19bn in store.  A further £629m on “Cyber Monday” which falls on Monday 30th November think about the small retailer.  As we spend and trust shopping on the internet in increasing numbers you can still support small business.   They may not be able to offer crazy price reductions but what they can offer is

  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • artisan product choices
  • unique gifts
  • handmade goodies

plus so much more._MG_0084

It also means more funds in our local economy, stops small businesses from failing to meet rising costs, creates local jobs and every penny you spend is really appreciate.

Just think how sad it would be if we lost all our individual shops and the high street could only offer coffee and chain stores!  Where would you find that something special? That gift that shows how much care and thought you put in to the gift you are sharing.  You can still shop on line, most local shops, creative artists, candle and soap makers will have websites and ship out direct to your door.

_MG_8051So this year here at Ostrich Angels we ask you to think outside of the box and gift something special while supporting your small local manufactures.