This time last year I set my plans and goals for 2015.

I then sealed them in an envelope and marked

OPEN 1st Jan 2016

Now it’s still sat waiting and you may wonder why?

Well that’s because I told my 2 daughters and they did the same, so we are going to meet up asap and read our plans together, so around the 16th of January 2016 we will see  just what we achieved.

I can’t even remember what I wrote on mine other than the amount of money I would like to see in my bank account.  I know before I open it I have failed!

Have I?

Maybe not

I HAVE 12 DAYS left

so here’s the challenge

28,500 Chakra poster sales needed!!!!!!!!!!!

CAN IT BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!

If everyone buys 1

 & shares to all and they all

buy 1

How many will take part in helping me get to my dream?

It will be interesting to see how many join in before the 16th January 2016 and then I can……

Have a new roof on my beloved haunted house Nont Sarah’s

and new radiators to keep us warmer, and make lots of new products that make everyone feel loved.

Let’s see if we go viral

Buy from

or Amazon

This is my BIG dream to sell lots of posters that help people to understand their Chakra energy systems.

I will also include 2 free downloads (chakra info booklet & quiz link)

Happy 2016 may all your dreams and ambitions come true.