With all the new year resolutions being made at this time of year (mine being to blog more) I really wanted to share with you a tip I was given last year.

Turn your car into a university!

I had loads of self help books that I wanted to read but never seemed to find the time until I started using audio books.

Now I can listen to my collection on the way to meetings, going to the shops etc.

Just imagine how many hours of study you can do while travelling!

So turn off the radio and plug in your iPhone, android etc and start filling this time listening and learning.  Even if you don’t fancy a bit of mobile study time you can just listen to your favourite books.

If you don’t have audible you can sign up sign up and get a free book to get you started and better still if you join for £7.99 month you can grab books that normally sell for over £20.00 with your membership credit so its win win.

I have added the links for you so that you can get started.

Have a fabulous 2016 and here’s to learning on the go.