Since ancient times, ostrich oil has been revered for its beauty and medicinal secrets. History has many stories of ostrich oil protecting, healing and caring for skin. These claims – from rejuvenating aging skin to relieving arthritis – are as diverse as the uses for ostrich oil.

It’s only in today’s world however, that we’re beginning to comprehend the true potential of this richly nourishing oil.

An Essential Blend

Ostrich oil is an amazing source of Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, essential fatty acids (EFAs) known to be vital for cell growth, division and recovery. More concentrated than emu oil, ostrich oil is also naturally rich in Vitamin F, Vitamin A and Provitamin A, ingredients renowned for their skin rejuvenating benefits.

Yet, its physical properties are equally important. The low melting point allows ostrich oil to be absorbed quickly without obstructing pores, penetrating deep into your skin to nourish the cells.

Here at Ostrich Angels we enriched the ostrich oil with beeswax and Vitamin E, the low melting point of ostrich oil allows this soothing balsam to soak deep into your skin for ultimate effect. Naturally high in omega oils, it regulates cell structure, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft. I have called the Ostrich Oil Balsam “My Funny Skin” as I have suffered with psoriasis for many years.  

                with shea butterOstrich Oil Offers wth cocoa butter

What is my funny skin?

Well it’s quite simple, from the age of 14 I have suffered with psoriasis.

No I will rephrase that “I am blessed with psoriasis”

Why blessed you may ask, especially if you are reading this with the same type of skin as me.

Well that’s easy to answer.  My life would not be what or where it is now.

I love what I do, I make hundreds of people feel better, and I get to make soaps and creams to help fellow sufferers everyday.  I am truly blessed with a gift of knowledge about skin relief that non psoriasis people can never understand.

Like the constant itching, the flakes of skin, the cracked sores, the wearing long sleeves in the summer time, the looks from other people.  The list goes on.

But now I have cured all that for myself.  Not in a permanent way, I still get outbreaks but I can soon heal them.


You may wonder!

It’s simple for me.  One little pot of cream.

I hear you groan, not another cream.  I use to say the same thing myself.

Before you turn away let me give you THE reason this one is different.  It is down to 1 amazing ingredient, the secret blend of natural omega packed oils & the special properties of the essential oils that we add.  The cream is handmade from natural ingredient and something the big companies don’t want you to hear about.

Your skin will lap it up. I no longer need to use body lotion or day creams because I have thrown away the cheap shower gels and only ever use the soaps make with the best of ingredients.  I even use the soap on my face, I comment I never thought I would say let alone write about.

It doesn’t stop there, it also works for eczema, dermatitis, athletes foot, scar tissue, burns the list goes on

So how can it help you.

Start by trying on a small patch of problem skin.  This way you will be able to see the results and note how the itchiness improves straight away.  Apply a small amount of cream at bed time.  Repeat in the morning if you wish.

Simple as that!

I also always use the ostrich oil soap in the shower and bath.

Remember you only need a small amount your skin will suck it in, taking the oils deep down to were the healing needs to begin.   A friend recently made me laugh when she commented on how she feels like a duck.   The water just rolls off and she feels like her skin has a protective coating that stops it from dehydrating.  She refuses to use any other product now as she is bed ridden and now never gets pressure sores.  The carer that showers her is astounded at the condition of her skin and has started to use it herself.  They always keep a pot of cream to hand ready for any outbreaks of sores.

The list of help goes on and on from burns, cuts, sores and skin complaints to anti wrinkle you will find some many reasons to use this little pot of magic cream (my granddaughters name for it as she now no longer has eczema since using the cream)

Ostrich Oil also takes care of rough, chapped skin and is reported to offer relief from stiff joints and muscles, burns and scars.